Coordinate Control Efforts with Transportation

Wondering about the importance of roadsides as habitat and why it is essential to collaborate with transportation agencies?  Please read this article!

Multiple transportation agencies are working with the Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP)  to coordinate control efforts along rights of way. Coordinating control increases effectiveness and efficiency and prevents re-invasion! NIIPP is still working on developing relationships with many regional transportation agencies and the list below will change to reflect that.  

We want to thank Illinois Tollway, Illinois Department of Transportation Districts 1, 2, and 3; Lake County DOT, and McHenry County DOT for helping to protect and preserve  natural areas adjacent to rights of way in the Northeast Illinois region. If you need to report an infestation to one of these agencies please download a report form, fill it out, and email it to the appropriate contact. Please submit your report early so these agencies can fit your request into their schedules and before they have run out of their allotments of herbicides.  Many of these agencies plan their contracts in the fall so getting your information in then (for the following year) would also be recommended!  

Illinois Tollway,  Jeff Schneberg (,   IL Tollway Report Form

Illinois Department of Transportation District 1, Taneka Jackson (, IDOT D1 Report Form

Illinois Department of Transportation Districts 2 and 3, Rick Rockwell (,  IDOT D2 and D3 Report Form

Lake County DOT, Kevin Kerrigan (,  LCDOT Report Form

McHenry County DOT, Randy Morin (, MCDOT Report Form