Hydrilla Hunt!



Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) is a highly invasive aquatic plant that threatens the health of Illinois’ lakes and rivers -- as well as waterfront property values and our enjoyment of fishing, boating, and swimming. The photos below illustrate how dense hydrilla can grow in a very short period of time: just 18 days elapsed between the two photos!



Hydrilla is extremely well-adapted for competing in an aquatic environment. It grows quite rapidly—up to one inch a day! Once hydrilla reaches the water surface, it can quickly produce a dense mat of stems that crowds out desirable native plants. Within the past few years, hydrilla has been discovered in Wisconsin and Indiana, and it could arrive in Illinois very soon. Early detection of hydrilla could save Illinois millions of dollars in control costs, and prevent many recreational and ecological impacts.  

The green-shaded states in the map below indicate where hydrilla has already been found (as of May 2013).


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