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Education/Outreach Materials and Other Hydrilla Resources (updated 3/5/15)

Shown below are education and outreach materials relating to hydrilla, as well as other resources you might find interesting.  Underlined purple-colored text indicates a hyperlink to the document or website.


 Illinois' Hydrilla ID Sheet (click on thumbnail below to open)


Illinois' Hydrilla Hunt! Card (click on either of the two thumbnails below to open)

Hydrilla Hunt Card Front  Hydrilla Hunt Card Back


Illinois' Hydrilla Hunt! Poster (click on thumbnail below to open)

Hydrilla Hunt Poster


Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant's Brazilian elodea and Hydrilla Watch Card


​​Need an article for your newsletter or a public service announcement?  Look no further!

Click here for a press release that you can use to create a newsletter article for your organization or association.  And, you're encouraged to forward the press release to your community newspaper editor!  A template for public service announcements can be found here.


The Illinois Hydrilla Early Detection/Rapid Response Plan



Best Management Practices for Hydrilla Control and Management (coming soon!)


Hydrilla Sightings in Illinois

(no sightings in Illinois yet -- but please keep looking!)


Hydrilla in the News

Click on the links below for hydrilla news from across the country.

5/26/2013: Wilmington braces for invasion by hydrilla

5/27/2013: Invasive Plant Could Snarl Summer Fun 

6/4/2013: Chautauqua Lake public lookout list includes hydrilla, water chestnut

6/6/2013: Ask the Expert at Cornell University Coop Extension about hydrilla

6/9/2013: Help stop hydrilla from invading Ohio's inland bodies of water

6/14/2013: Area lakes (in Illinois) could be threatened by noxious weeds

7/2/2013: Hooked on fishing: Invasive Plants - A threat to good fishing

7/5/2013: Hydrilla: For this aquatic superweed prevention and early detection are essential

7/7/2013: Mike Nowak Radio Show: IL Hydrilla Task Force web post, interview

9/11/13: Update on Hydrilla found in Cayuga Lake and Fall Creek in New York state

9/14/13: Hydrilla: A growing concern for Lake Wylie resident

11/19/2013: Illinois ban on invasive aquatic plants includes Hydrilla - aquatic superweed

​2014 Updated locations for infestations found in New York State

2014 Radio public service announcement from Mike Nowak Radio Show (WCPT Chicago)


Other Resources

In addition, you might wish to consult some of the following fact sheets, websites and scientific articles.  Note that the strain of hydrilla that’s been found in the northern United States (north of South Carolina) – and what we’d expect to find in Illinois – is monoecious hydrilla, versus the dioecious strain that comprises most hydrilla found in the southern United States.

Fact sheets and brochures


Scientific manuscripts and presentations

 Hydrilla infestation, Richard S. Hammerschlag, U.S. Geological Survey,


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