Invasive Ornamental Plant Symposium & Working Group

"Green Industry and Conservation Address Invasive Ornamental Plants"

Symposium/3rd Annual Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership Meeting presented in partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden


Thank you to everyone who participated in the symposium and working group!  The event was attended by 81 people representing nine states and more than 50 organizations and agencies: Armstrong Landscaping (WI), Garden Clubs of Illinois, Illinois Invasive Plant Species Council, Ball Horticulture, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, University of Massachusetts, University of Connecticut, Ohio University, McKay Nursery (WI), Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, PlantRight (CA), University of California-Davis, Syngenta Flowers Pro, University of Cincinnati, Champaign County Forest Preserve District, Lake County Forest Preserve District, McHenry County Conservation District, Illinois Invasive Species Campaign, Cincinnati Zoo, River to River CWMA, Gilson Gardens (OH). Miami University, Ohio Invasive Plant Council, Chicago Botanic Garden, Midwest Invasive Plant Network, Illinois Department of Transportation Region 1, Red Buffalo Nursery, The Nature Conservancy-Indiana, The Nature Conservancy-Illinois, The Nature Conservancy- New York, Upland Design Ltd., Midwest Groundcovers LLC, Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, Illinois Master Naturalists, Harvard University, Mike Nowak Radio Show, University of Minnesota, Hey & Associates (IL), Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Possibility Place Nursery, Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council, the Morton Arboretum, and Johnson's Nursery (WI).  


Presentations Cathy McGlynn, Introduction to NIIPP and Symposium  

Symposium Session 1: General Overview: History and background of invasive ornamental plants in the U.S.

Sarah Reichard, How Did We Get Here? A Very Brief Introduction to Invasive Ornamental Plants

Bethany Bradley, Plant invasions and climate change – implications for the nursery industry  


Session 2: Conservation Perspective: Ecological impacts of ornamental plants

Mark Brand, Fecundity of barberry and euonymus cultivars to invade natural habitats.

Theresa Culley, Spread and Ecological Impacts of Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) and Other Ornamentals in Southwestern Ohio

Stacey Leicht-Young, Ecological Impacts of Oriental Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) – Research From the Field

Brian McCarthy, Amur honeysuckle: Ecology and ecosystem impacts  


Session 3:  Green Industry Perspective: What do you decide to sell?

Connor Shaw, Possibility Place Nursery: A get rich quick scheme that failed

Tim Power, Plant Risk Assessment & Management Protocol for Minnesota and Its Effects on the Green Industry

Christiana Conser, Invasive Plants and Horticulture in California  


Working Group

Christiana Conser, The development and validation of a more accurate weed risk assessment tool for evaluating the invasive potential of ornamental plants

Kelly Kearns, How to develop consensus on invasive plants: Wisconsin's approach to assessment and regulation

Troy Weldy, Development of invasive species ranks and regulations in New York  


NOTE: Presentation Abstracts can be found here and Speaker Biographies can be found here.


NIIPP Annual Report can be found here  


Thanks to our sponsors! Funding for this event was provided by the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center, The Nature Conservancy - Illinois Chapter, and Upland Design.