Joint Chicago Wilderness Natural Resource Team Meeting-2nd Annual NIIPP meeting

More that 65 people from 40 different organizations attended the NIIPP-Chicago Wilderness Natural Resources Management Team meeting held at the Morton  Arboretum on September 27th. The USDA-Forest Service Garlic Mustard Challenge Award was given to the Chicago Botanic Garden this year for garlic mustard pulling above and beyond expectations!            

Very informative presentations about regional and state wide work were also given.  Many of the PowerPoint presentations are available below:

Overview of NIIPP's Work in 2012 (Cathy McGlynn, NIIPP Coordinator)

Wild chervil research (Ben Haberthur, Kane County Forest Preserve District)

Investigation and control of new invasive plant species at the Morton Arboretum (Kurt Dreisikler, Morton Arboretum)

Flowering Rush control and management (Nick Fuller, DuPage County Forest Preserve District)

Using livestock (goats) to help control invasive plant species at the infancy stages of an Oak Savanna/Woodland Restoration (Josh Sage, Boone County Conservation District)

Calumet Conservation Corps (Alice Brandon, Friends of the Forest Preserve)

Promoting biodiversity and biofuels in cattail-invaded wetlands (Beth Lawrence, DePaul University) (presentation unavailable)

NIIPP in the  Future: Plans for 2013 (Cathy McGlynn, Coordinator, NIIPP)

Invasive Species Campaign: Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (Chris Evans, Illinois Wildlife Action Plan)