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McGlynn, C. A. May 26, 2015.  What would the Great Lakes look like without invasive species?  Lakeside Views, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (blog).

Lange, K. D. March 24, 2015.  Zombie Invasion.  Center for Watershed Protection (blog).

Riffle, P. January 2015.  An interview regarding invasive species.  Garden Glories Winter 2015. (Garden Clubs of Illinois)


McGlynn, C.A. October 3, 2014.  Aquatic invasive species education and outreach program marks the end of its 4th season.  Northwest Indiana Times

McGlynn, C.A. August 10, 2014.  Illinois aquatic invasive species education and outreach program marks the end of its 4th season.  TribLocal

Norris, K. and G. Tselepsis. August 1, 2014.  Veteran Clean Boats Crew site leaders want you to know why they do what they do!  TribLocal

McGlynn, C.A. June 23, 2014.  Partnership in action: Homeowners from Downers Grove join forces to eradicate an unwelcome neighbor.  TribLocal

McGlynn, C.A. June 12, 2014. The next generation of environmental leaders takes on aquatic invasive species. TribLocal

McGlynn, C.A. March 26, 2014.  Garden dreams that include native butterflies and birds. TribLocal



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McGlynn, C.A.  Spring 2013. Lake Issues: Stop repeating history! Help end accidental introductions of aquatic invasive species. Cattail Chronicles (Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center).  22(1)

March 3, 2013.  Interview on Mike Nowak Radio Show about invasive ornamental plants.

Karydes, M. April 2013. The Challenge of Managing Invasive Species. Natural Awakenings.

April 2, 2013.  City partners with Park District, IDOT to beautify Briergate Business District.  City of Highland Park, IL.

Spring 2013.  Are you part of the problem? Aquatic hitchhikers targeted. Wonder Lake Master Property Owners Association Newsletter.

Abderholden, F.  June 14, 2013.  Area lakes could be threatened by noxious weeds.  Lake County News Sun.

June 25, 2013.  More than just fish on the list of aquatic invasive species to watch out for. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. Lakeside Views

Peach, D.  July 2, 2013.  Hooked on Fishing: Invasive Plants: A Threat to Good Fishing.  Evanston Round Table.

McGlynn, C.A.  July 3, 2013. When it comes to aquatic invasive species prevention is key. TribLocal (Chicago Tribune)

McGlynn, C.A.  July 5, 2013. Hydrilla: For this aquatic superweed prevention and early detection are essential. TribLocal (Chicago Tribune).

July 7, 2013.  Interview on Mike Nowak Radio Show regarding Hydrilla

Bott, C.  July 12, 2013.  Photo Friday: Hydrilla Hunting!  Great Lakes Echo.

July 2013.  Join the search for a superweed. Bull Creek- Bull’s Brook  eNews. 

July 2013.  Join the search for a superweed. National American Lake Management Society Notes.

Lopat, R. November 18, 2013.  Woe the ornamental pear tree? Invasive, but does it make the "invasive list"? Weedpatch Gazette

McGlynn, C. A. November 19, 2013. Illinois ban on invasive aquatic plants includes Hydrilla-aquatic superweed.  TribLocal (Chicago Tribune)

McGlynn, C. A. November 21, 2013.  Illinois-Indiana aquatic invasive species education and outreach program marks third anniversary.



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Stopping New Invaders in Their Tracks (New Invaders Watch Program)

Launch of the Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (Plants out of Place-IPAW newsletter)

Presentation to the Fox River Ecosystem Partnership

NIIPP on the Mike Nowak Radio Show (Podcast February 13, 2011)

Presentation at the Garfield Farm Museum Native Plants Seminar (February 19, 2011)

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Lake County Department of Health Gardener's Workshop in Trib Local

Garlic mustard threatens habitats across the country. One response? Weed it and eat it.

New "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" Program Looking for Volunteers

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County joins NIIPP

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