NIIPP wins Garlic Mustard Challenge for Second Year in a Row!!

Chicago Botanic Garden is the top puller for 2012!! "We have finally crunched all the numbers for the 2012 Garlic Mustard Challenge and the results are amazing!  Together, we have achieved the unthinkable.  We pulled 160,655 pounds of garlic mustard!  Thanks to everyone who helped organize events, spread the word, or participate in a pull.  The overall winner of this year’s event was the Chicago Botanical Garden.  They pulled 36,150 pounds of garlic mustard!  And, this year’s MVP (Most Valuable Puller) is Benjamin Reed who pulled almost 2,500 pounds single-handedly!" -Cynthia Sandeno, Monongahela National Forest The Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership bested the competition by pulling 66,183 lbs of garlic mustard!  Our top pullers are Chicago Botanic Garden (36,150 lbs), Lake County Forest Preserve District (8,100 lbs), and Lake Forest Open Lands (7,200 lbs). Special thanks to everyone who participated and reported their totals: Morton Arboretum, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Riverwoods Preservation Council, Fermilabs Natural Areas, The Field Museum, Waukegan Park District, Illinois State Beach Volunteer Stewards, and the Village of Lincolnshire.              Midewin Nationa Tallgrass Prairie Earth Day Garlic Mustard Pull 2012 (photo by Allison Cisneros)